How you can see Mars and Venus in the sky tonight

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Mars and Venus will be visible in the sky tonight - Credit: Petmal/buradaki/iStock/Getty Images Plus

Keen astronomers will be in for a treat this evening as they will be able to catch a dazzling view of Mars, Venus and the moon.

People will be able to see the Mars-Venus conjunction at around 9pm tonight, Tuesday, July 13. 

As Mars will be appearing half a degree below Venus the separation between the two planets will be so small they may appear as a singular object. 

The two planets will be easy to distinguish from one another in the sky because Venus is a lot brighter than Mars, which also appears reddish brown.

How you can see the Mars-Venus conjunction

To catch a glimpse of the conjunction, head out around twilight — 45 minutes to an hour after sunset.

The two planets will be visible to the naked eye after the sun sinks low below the horizon.

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To catch a better view of the event it is recommended to use a telescope. 

The conjunctions are quite rare with the last one taking place in August 2019 and the next one predicted for February 2024. 

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