Martlesham: Popular circular walk takes in the marvels of this area

A jetty at Martlesham creek

A jetty at Martlesham creek - Credit:

Cyril Francis follows a varied route with woodland, meadow and river views

Route of the Martlesham marvel walk

Route of the Martlesham marvel walk - Credit: Archant

This popular route, often referred to as The Martlesham Circular Walk, contains a little bit of everything. There are stretches of mixed woodland to enjoy, along with impressive views of the River Deben and Martlesham Creek. Elsewhere the path passes beside St Mary’s church and later on there is a delightful excursion through meadowland beside a brook.

Before leaving, it’s worth noting that you finish the walk on the footpath signposted on the other side of the road.

From the car park itself keep forward to find a well-worn path that enters Walk Farm Wood. Continue straight ahead for the next half a mile or so, walking through mixed woodland with silver birch trees prominent on either side. Much of the wood has been replanted since the great storm of 1987.

Exit the woodland, turn left and continue beside the Newbourne road. Go past the next turning right and carry on to reach a left hand bend. Turn right here as signposted, briefly pass between trees and afterwards enter a cultivated field. Continue along the field edge with a hedge on the right to reach the field boundary.

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Turn left here and join a broad descending track that meets some buildings at the bottom adjacent to Hall Farm. Bear left on to a road, walk uphill and turn right at the top to join a surfaced path that leads to St Mary’s church at Martlesham. Pass the church on the left and turn right lower down the churchyard. Go down a slight slope leading to a grassy stretch and later turn left when meeting a broad path coming from the right.

Maintain direction alongside a field edge path that later swings right among some trees, later regaining the field edge. Continue to the boundary, pass through a gate and turn left into pasture. Head towards a culvert bridge ahead and afterwards veer right towards a flight of steps. Cross a bridge over a watercourse, climb up the steps and turn left at the top.

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There are stunning views here across the River Deben towards Kyson Point with Woodbridge appearing beyond. Away to the right, the river flows in the direction of Waldringfield and onwards to Bawdsey where it enters the sea. Keep walking beside Martlesham Creek to the point where the path turns away left to later enter a field. Turn right now and follow the sloping field edge to reach the next corner. Swing right here and briefly follow a muddy path to emerge beside an area of reedbeds. Pass through a boatyard parking area in front and afterwards follow the path (boggy in places) through Sluice Wood as waymarked. Eventually exit the woodland, turn right to walk along School Lane and shortly reach a road junction with the Red Lion pub in front.

Cross the road and turn left to take the Bealings Road. Continue ahead for another 400 yards or so and then turn left beside some metal railings. Start walking through Run Meadow, accompanied by Butlers Brook on the left. Stay on the path for the next 800 yards or so, crossing through a series of springer-stiles and over a wooden bridge as you go. Just past a large house set back on the right, pass through a stile and go forward a few paces. Quickly turn left through another stile and head up a grassy path.

Pass between buildings at Bloomfield’s Farm and continue on a surfaced path beside a paddock fence on the left. Keep following the winding path uphill and shortly pass Beacon Hill School. Draw level with the Black Tiles pub further ahead, cross over the old A12 and head into more woodland.

After about 150 yards the path swings left on to common land. Your direction here can be a little bit confusing since there are a number of paths crossing the common between areas of gorse. However, keep following the circular walk signs and the Community Hall car park passed earlier should shortly appear on the right. Bear left, cross the road and return to your start point.

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