Mendlesham: Village’s eager Beavers are in need of a new leader

Mendlesham 1st Beaver

Mendlesham 1st Beaver - Credit: Archant

A Beaver Scout group could be forced to close unless someone comes forward to be its leader.

The 1st Mendlesham Beaver Colony is currently being run by Peter Freeman after the former leader Jo Abbott retired in July after 10 years’ of service.

Mr Freeman, 61, has been with 1st Mendlesham Scout Group since the late 1980s.

He said: “It seems we’re in a time when it’s very difficult as parents are reluctant to be leaders; everyone is busy. I’m going to look after it until Christmas and then review the situation and see how long I can keep doing it for.

“Jo spent 10 years with us – it’s not unusual for a parent to be here for that time and then move on.”

Explorer Bear Grylls visited children in Suffolk last weekend.

Britain’s Chief Scout called for more parents to volunteer their time as there had been a surge in the number of children wanting to join up.

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Call Mr Freeman on 01449 766676 or email if you can help.