Mid Suffolk: Council home valued at �300,000

SOMEWHERE in the middle of the county there’s a council house valued at �300,000 – but the location of the highly des res has not been revealed.

Following reports that council houses elsewhere in the country had been valued at more than �1million, The Star made Freedom of Information requests to Ipswich, Babergh and Mid Suffolk councils.

The average value of council homes in Ipswich is �94,262 (�68,062 for sheltered homes). The borough has 8,116 properties – and its most valuable properties are four and five-bedroomed homes it owns in the Stoke area of the town which are valued between �155,000 and �180,000.

Mid Suffolk has 3,418 council homes with an average value of �123,965. But it has one home valued at �300,000,.

Babergh council has 3,484 homes including sheltered accommodation with an average value of �116,625. The five most valuable council properties are valued at �190,000.

The figures were revealed on the day that Ipswich Council submitted applications to build its first new homes in a generation.

One application is to build three homes at Coltsfoot Road on Chantry and the other is to build four homes on Whitton Church Lane.