Mild weather forecast to continue into November

The mild weather will continue into November. Picture: PAMELA BIDWELL

The mild weather will continue into November. Picture: PAMELA BIDWELL - Credit: Pamela Bidwell

After a very mild October the warm weather is set to continue into November.

The rainfall amount has been below average this month while temperatures have been above.

Dan Holley, a forecaster at Weather Quest said: “October has been mild because we have had winds from the Atlantic and south tropics, which has brought the warm temperatures with it.”

An indication of how warm has been is the lack of air frost. Mr Holley said: “Suffolk still hasn’t had one, you normally expect the first to be at the start of October.”

We had a cold start to Monday morning due to high pressures however the rest of the week is set to be mild.

According to Mr Holley Tuesday and Wednesday are forecasted to be the warmest days of the week.

He said: “For temperatures you are looking at between 13-14 Celsius, 55.4- 57.2 Fahrenheit, and some parts of Suffolk might even get to 15 C (59 F). “There will be quite a lot of cloud and sunny spells, so it will be a lot milder than the weekend.”

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However, you may wake up to patchy rain Tuesday but that should clear by the afternoon, so it should be dry ready for trick or treaters.

Wednesday is forecasted to be dry but the patchy rain returns on Thursday, this is due to a weak cold front coming over from the north. This will also result in cooler temperatures of 12-13 C (53.6-55.4 F).

On Friday night there will be rain which may carry on over to Saturday morning, but temperatures are set to rise by one Celsius on Saturday.

Sunday is forecasted to be the coldest day of the week with temperatures of 10-11C (50 - 51.8 F) this is due to a chilly north west flow.

However it will still be dry and there will be some sunny spells.