Mildenhall: Councillors unite with parish council in calls for speed limit reduction

Suffolk county councillor Colin Noble

Suffolk county councillor Colin Noble - Credit: Archant

Calls for a reduced speed limit on a road notorious for accidents have won the backing of both county and district councillors.

Beck Row Parish Council voiced its wishes for a reduction on Eriswell Road during a meeting at Beck Row Community Centre last week.

The main road between RAF Mildenhall and the back gate of RAF Lakenheath is currently set at the national speed limit despite its rural location and a surface that David Bowman, Forest Heath district councillor for Eriswell and the Rows, described as “undulating”.

He added: “It’s not twisty, but the undulations, especially the camber on some of them, can catch people out.

“There’s been regular accidents along that road – some very serious and others just minor, but they still shouldn’t be happening.”

“I’d be more than happy to support a reduction there and see it come down to 50mph.”

Beck Row parish council chairman Gary Peachey is pushing for a reduction after witnessing a crash on the road last month.

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Mr Bowman and Suffolk County councillor Colin Noble have had success in the past in reducing speed limits on local roads.

Mr Noble has asked officers to consider the reduction, but warned that action could take up to a year to implement.

He added: “I agree that we must do all we can to make that road safe. It’s a very bumpy road and his [Mr Peachey’s] suggestion is a good one.

“I’ve asked officers to give a report and we’ll work from that, but these processes are quite slow in reality.”

While Mr Peachey was absent from Tuesday’s meeting, fellow councillors vowed to get something done.

Council member Philip Haylock said: “I think we all agree that it shouldn’t be 60mph. Something should be done.”

Eriswell Parish Council will debate the possible reduction at its next meeting.

Chairman Pearl Brunning said: “It is a road where we have a lot of accidents.

“There can be very heavy traffic between the two bases and cars often go off the road. I think it’s something we’d support.”