Mildenhall: Mother and daughter teamwork sees baby safely delivered

A MOTHER from west Suffolk also took on the role of midwife when her daughter unexpectedly gave birth at home.

Tina Reeve, 46, knew she would be supporting her daughter Emma Cashen on the day she gave birth to her first child, but little did she know she would be delivering the baby.

Ruby Paige Terry was born weighing 5Ib 14.5oz on July 18 at about 2.15pm on the bathroom floor of Miss Cashen’s home in Gonville Close, Mildenhall.

The 26-year-old explained how they had been to the hospital that morning, but as she was not dilated enough was told to return home where she could relax.

They arrived back at about 11.30am and Miss Cashen eventually moved into the bathroom to be more comfortable. Then at about 1.30pm all of a sudden she could feel the baby coming.

Her mother dialled 999 and was told exactly what to do.

Mrs Reeve, a mother-of-two from Beck Row, said: “I was scared. I didn’t know how the baby was going to be. I didn’t know if it was going to be okay or not and also it was my daughter and I didn’t want anything to happen to her. But also the adrenaline kicked in and you just do it.”

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Miss Cashen said: “She was brilliant. The whole way through. Even when I was screaming at one point I had just had enough.”

The pair - who work together on the counters at Sainsbury’s in Mildenhall - have always been close, but Miss Cashen said the experience had made them even closer.

“She’s always been my best-friend. The first person I would turn to for anything,” she said.

Miss Cashen’s boyfriend Phil Terry had been outside on the phone when she began to give birth to their baby, but when he realised what was happening fetched a pillow and towel and kept trying to reach for her hand.

“I’m so happy now. Just a brilliant story to tell her when she’s older,” she said.

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