Mildenhall: Officers who arrested knife-wielding drunk who was stabbing himself in the stomach nominated for Police Bravery Awards

Pc Rebecca Gardiner Police Bravery Awards Mildenhall

Pc Rebecca Gardiner Police Bravery Awards Mildenhall - Credit: Subpix

Two Suffolk police officers who arrested a knife-wielding drink driver who stabbed himself in the stomach before attacking them have been put forward for a national award.

Pc Paul Osmond Police Bravery Awards Mildenhall

Pc Paul Osmond Police Bravery Awards Mildenhall - Credit: subpix

Pc Rebecca Gardiner and Paul Osmond, based in Mildenhall, were called out on July 3, 2012, following a road traffic collision in Newmarket in which one car had left the scene.

Inquiries led them to a property where they found the driver, who was drunk.

After arming himself with a knife, the man stabbed himself in the stomach before threatening and assaulting the two officers. After a struggle, the officers managed to arrest the man. They did not sustain injuries.

They have now been nominated for the annual Police Bravery Awards in recognition of their work.

Pc Gardiner, who lives in Thurston, said: “It was surprise to get nominated we are both very happy about it.

“It was a very simple road traffic accident inquiry and usually we would be single crewed so it was quite lucky we were double crewed.”

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The simple inquiry quickly turned sour when the driver claimed he had only been drinking since he got back.

Pc Gardiner, 28, said: “We didn’t believe him but we followed him from room to room while he searched for any empty containers.

“He grabbed a knife from a kitchen draw and stabbed it into himself. He then leant on it trying to push it further in.

“Once we realised what was happening we tried to stop him from seriously injuring himself.

“He just turned into a crazed animal, trying to attack us with the knife. He stabbed me in the stab vest.”

Pc Gardiner said that “training kicked in” claiming any officers would have done same.

“It was very bizarre. We were just trying to help him and fortunately we managed to prevent him or any of us from getting seriously hurt or killed,” she said.

The driver was so broad that two sets of handcuffs joined together were required to restrain him.

Pc Gardiner and Osmond will attend the annual Police Bravery Awards in London on October 16.

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