Millions of drivers put off servicing

More than 10 million UK motorists, that just over a third of the total number of drivers, have put off servicing their car to save cash, with more than a quarter of drivers travelling more than 2,000 miles over their car manufacturer’s recommended servicing mileage before getting their car serviced, according to new research.

More worryingly, 2.8 million motorists – that’s one in 10 – could be driving illegally by delaying replacing worn-out or damaged tyres.’s survey of UK motorists also revealed that:

22% said they would consider trying to carry out a service themselves to save money.

14% of motorists have driven with warning lights on for more than a week because they couldn’t afford to get their car checked.

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1.7m (6%) drivers have never had their car serviced.

One in five (21%) motorists are driving a car that’s more than 10 years old, but 17% do not have breakdown cover.

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And, it’s not just their car’s service that motorists have been delaying. The research has found that 20% of drivers are putting off general vehicle repairs due to the cost. The most commonly delayed repairs are:

Replacing tyres (10%).

Replacing windscreen wipers (8%).

Engine-related or mechanical repairs (8%).

Replacing bulbs (6%).

Windscreen repairs (4%).

Brake or clutch repairs (3%).

Driving with defective tyres isn’t just dangerous, it is illegal and can result in a CU30 driving offence, which carries a fine and three points on your driving licence. Having a CU30 may also affect your insurance premium. In one example, found that a CU30 resulted in an average increase of £118 – more than the cost of a replacement tyre.

Scott Kelly, head of motor at, said; “It’s no secret that times are tough for people at the moment, but delaying essential servicing and repairs is a false economy and could render your vehicle unsafe.

“Driving an unroadworthy vehicle is illegal and you could end up with points on your driving licence, a substantial fine as well as invalidating your car insurance.

“If you’re one of the 17% of drivers who don’t have breakdown cover, you could end up severely out of pocket if your car were to breakdown. Paying for cover annually is usually much cheaper than paying ‘on-the-spot’ recovery charges, and can cost as little as £18.80, the equivalent of 36p a week, making it more affordable than you might think.

“In short, preventing or addressing problems early can help keep car maintenance affordable in difficult times. Putting a little money aside each month can help with wear and tear costs, and checking your car regularly will help anticipate when these repairs are on the horizon.”

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