Mills killed little Luigi in rage

LITTLE Luigi Askew died on May 26 last year when his father, Duncan Mills, erupted into a violent rage.

LITTLE Luigi Askew died on May 26 last year when his father, Duncan Mills, erupted into a violent rage.

The baby boy, who lived with his mother in Lanercost Way, Ipswich, died following frantic attempts to revive him by neighbours and ambulance crews.

Duncan Mills, then 31, was arrested the same day at his flat in London Road, Ipswich, on suspicion of murder and causing grievous bodily harm.

The baby's mother, Samantha Askew, needed hospital treatment after the attack for injuries inflicted by Mills.

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Luigi's death left a community stunned. Floral tributes were placed outside the home Miss Askew shared with her father in Lanercost Way.

The young mother was initially arrested in connection with the baby's death after she said two men dressed in balaclavas broke into her home, beat her up and attacked baby Luigi, causing the head and stomach injuries which killed him.

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But Mills' trial at Ipswich Crown Court would later hear that Miss Askew went along with the story because Mills had threatened to kill her if he went to jail. After police investigated what happened to Luigi she was released without charge.

Mills was brought to trial and found guilty on February 13 of murdering his month-old son as well as battering Miss Askew.

Mills, a former rapper, had denied murdering Luigi and causing grievous bodily harm with intent to Miss Askew.

During his trial at Ipswich Crown Court Miss Askew told the jury that Mills, had arrived at the house in Lanercost Way and complained about a dirty sofa.

She said Mills then began viciously assaulting her, at one point punching her with a hand weapon which was “gold and chunky” and sat on his knuckles.

She said he also dragged her by her clothes into the kitchen and gave her a knife and urged her to stab him, but she had refused.

He then beat her with a rubber hammer while sitting on top of her in the living room.

Miss Askew, who was now bleeding from the head, moved upstairs and could hear Luigi crying downstairs.

She told the court that Mills said “I am going to shut him up. I cannot stand this crying”, before he went downstairs.

Miss Askew then heard noises like someone was smacking someone and a noise which sounded like someone getting knocked against a radiator.

She said that Luigi stopped crying but soon started again, although it was not his normal cry.

She said Mills told her to get Luigi from downstairs, but he gave her a choice - he would either throw her over the balcony or she could throw herself down.

She decided to throw herself down.

After picking Luigi out of his cot, she said she went back upstairs and noticed that his face, belly and legs were covered in bruises.

She said his breathing was also funny and sounded wheezy.

Luigi died later in hospital from head and abdominal injuries.

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