'Like losing a shadow' – owner's month-long search for missing dog

Heléna Hudson and missing Dallinghoo dog Parsley

Heléna Hudson with Parsley - Credit: Heléna Hudson

A dog owner has made a desperate plea for help in tracking down beloved companion, Parsley, after she went missing almost a month ago.

The three-and-a-half year old Labrador/flat-coated retriever ran off on January 12 after being shocked by an electric horse fence in Dallinghoo, near Wickham Market.

Parsley was wearing a purple collar with black acrylic tag. She is also chipped and flagged as missing.

Missing Dallinghoo dog Parsley

Missing Dallinghoo dog Parsley - Credit: Heléna Hudson

Owner Heléna Hudson said: "She is a very clever dog, really willing to please and friendly with other dogs.

"She is wary of strangers, which is why we assumed she was hiding, but with no sightings we think she could have been picked up. 

"She is quite vocal, and barks at unfamiliar people and dogs, but is super affectionate to her people."

Missing Dallinghoo dog Parsley

Heléna Hudson and Parsley - Credit: Heléna Hudson

Parsley was spotted a couple of hours after going missing, between Ufford and Pettistree, but has not been seen since.

Missing Dallinghoo dog Parsley

Heléna Hudson and Parsley at the Canine Dip and Dive Club - Credit: Heléna Hudson

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"We have spent countless hours searching on foot; we have revisited the last area she was seen daily, and had been putting food out with a wildlife camera, but no luck," said Heléna.

"We have searched over a five mile radius personally, and postered further afield." 

A reward poster on Facebook has been seen by 35,000 users.

Missing Dallinghoo dog Parsley

Parsley with Heléna Hudson's niece, Esme - Credit: Heléna Hudson

Heléna, who shares ownership of Parsley with her mother, said: "Losing her has been like losing a shadow. She likes being involved in everything, she makes everyone laugh, and wants to lick you all the time. 

"She loves a frisbee, and in true retriever style will carry it for miles. 

"She is a confidence giver for Choufleur, who is a rescue dog with many anxieties. Choufleur has been out every day searching for her sister. 

Missing Dallinghoo dog Parsley

Parsley is a confidence giver for Choufleur, a rescue dog with many anxieties - Credit: Heléna Hudson

"Parsley loves kids, she is so gentle and patient with them, bringing them her frisbee and dropping it at their feet. 

"She loves to search and play 'find it' and she loves to swim. 

"It has been so quiet without her, without her snoring, and 'mooing'. A house is not a home without a dog."

Anyone who thinks they may have spotted Parsley can find contact details at facebook.com/parsleymissingwickhammarket.