Model designed to quell children’s funeral fears

Gena Moore from Nelson�s Journey with Simon and Anne Beckett-Allen of Rosedale Funeral Home

Gena Moore from Nelson�s Journey with Simon and Anne Beckett-Allen of Rosedale Funeral Home - Credit: Archant

A funeral home with branches in north Suffolk has continued its support for local bereaved children by commissioning a doll’s house style church to help support workers explain what happens at a funeral.

The church, designed by Rosedale Funeral Home, is fitted with pews, a lectern and coffin trestles, and is accompanied by a model hearse, limousine and coffin, and a complete set of characters, including a minister, funeral director and mourners.

The church will be a tool for child bereavement support workers at Norfolk charity, Nelson’s Journey.

Rosedale director, Simon Beckett-Allen, said: “Children can quite often be overlooked at a time of bereavement and we feel it is important that they are supported through their grief and helped to understand what has happened.

“We knew that Nelson’s Journey had wanted a church for a long time, but had never been able to find the right thing, and one night I just came up with the idea of commissioning one ourselves.”

Mr Beckett-Allen’s wife, Anne, a trustee of the charity, hopes the church will help quash any scary images children may have conjured in their mind about funerals.

“Rosedale is a family business and as my brother Paul built and painted the church, it feels like it’s a true gift from our family, to be used to support other families.”

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Child bereavement support worker, Fiona Coull, said the charity was thrilled by Rosedale’s continued generosity and support.

While visiting the charity, the Beckett-Allens also delivered a new supply of memory bears, created to help families keep precious memories of their loved ones safe, with a specially designed zip compartment to hold either an ashes container or a much loved keepsake.

Rosedale has homes in Attleborough, Beccles, Bungay, Diss, Halesworth and Wymondham.