More on my txt life

Bill Baldry emails with another numerical brainteaser (aka early text message).

11 was a racehorse, 22 was 12

1111 race and 22112

Written out in writing this is also, he notes, a test of the homophones available in our fine English language with one and won, two and too and, possibly, tu-tu.

I am now going to lie down in a darkened room...

And on the subject of text messages, you won’t have had one from me lately because my mobile phone died and I have a new one. I went into Carphone Warehouse and asked for their cheapest pay-as-you-go option.

The nice young man in the shop did not attempt to seduce me with an iPhone or a BlackBerry. No, he went out the back and returned with a small phone that cost me £15. Now all I have to do is (a) work out how to answer a call and (b) find out how to get rid of predictive text. When I tried to text my daughter, Ruth, I could only get Rst. If I can’t sort it out she’ll just have to change her name.

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Autograph book entries have also brought it all back for many of you.

Rosemary Farrow, aged *0, writes from Ipswich: “Another favourite was written with the page upside down:

When on this page you look

When on this page you frown

You’ll think of the one who spoilt this book

By writing upside down.”