More on those old-fangled Spangles

Thanks to Dave Love for more info on Spangles. He directed me to a couple of websites including the Wikipedia entry for the once-popular boiled sweets.

They were made by Mars Ltd in the UK from 1950 to the early ‘80s.

They were made in the shape of a square with rounded corners with a dimple in the middle.

The Old English Spangles I mentioned last week had flavours such as liquorice, mint humbug, cough candy, butterscotch and pear drop.

I’d forgotten this but there was a time when they introduced a mystery spangle with question marks on its wrapper. Wiki says this flavour was never officially confirmed but I think it might have been aniseed.

You may also want to watch:

Dave has fond memories of a wrapped bar called Super Mousse that was around when he was at primary school in Ipswich about 40 years ago. “I guess it never survived…” he says.

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