More than 5,000 speeders caught by Suffolk’s new A12 average speed cameras

An average speed camera

An average speed camera - Credit: PA

More than 5,000 motorists fell foul of the A12’s new average speed cameras in the first five months of this year, Suffolk police have revealed.

The huge number of drivers caught speeding between Stratford St Mary and East Bergholt has prompted the county’s exasperated Police and Crime Commissioner to ask: “When will they learn?”

The cameras came into force in October last year in a bid to reduce the number of collisions, increase safety, and prevent a vital business artery being blocked.

However, from January 1 to the end of May this year 5,083 drivers and motorcyclists were still prepared to exceed the 70mph limit.

A reply to a Freedom of Information request by the EADT showed the top speed recorded was 111mph. Suffolk Police and Crime Commissioner Tim Passmore, said: “I find it absolutely staggering that despite all the publicity and numerous warning signs, drivers cannot keep to the speed limit.

“Average speed cameras are used where there is a history of collisions. That should tell us something.

“Yet again, here we are talking about large numbers of drivers caught breaking the law on our county’s roads. When will they learn?

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“This stretch of the A12 sees more than its fair share of crashes. Highways England is doing what it can to make the road safer; we need to do our bit by keeping to the speed limit.

“Speed limits are there for a reason. Speed is one of the fatal four causes of serious injury or death on our roads and these thoughtless drivers really do need to wake up to the fact that they are not just risking their own lives, but the lives of fellow road users.”

In January 2016, 1,236 drivers broke the speed limit, while in February the figure dropped slightly to 1,051.

There were 779 speeding offences in March, 1,053 in April and 964 in May.

During the five-month period, the cameras captured more than double the number of motorists (3,563) speeding on the Colchester-bound carriageway from East Bergholt to Stratford St Mary, compared to the 1,520 travelling towards Ipswich.