More UFO sightings shake Suffolk

STRANGE lights in the sky over the Suffolk countryside are set to spark fresh excitement over little green men and flying saucers.

Richard Cornwell

STRANGE lights in the sky over the Suffolk countryside are set to spark fresh excitement over little green men and flying saucers.

UFO watchers believe the county is a gateway to the universe - a portal for visiting alien craft - with many reported sightings of unexplained phenomena over the years.

The latest sighting of four balls of light travelling slowly across the landscape from Grundisburgh towards the Mendlesham mast comes at a time when similar unexplained lights have been seen over Cumbria and Fife in Scotland.

In addition, a strange light was seen in the sky shortly before a 213ft wind turbine in Lincolnshire suffered serious damage in a mysterious incident.

But the Suffolk lights may be easier to explain as they were seen on New Year's Eve and early New Year's Day - and could have been Chinese lanterns floating across the landscape on light winds.

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Felicity Tack, of The Street, Framsden, saw three fireballs of light together and fourth not far away at about 12.30am on January 1.

“They were quite large and just moving very slowly across the sky - three of them above the A1120 and another over towards the Mendlesham mast,” she said.

“They were like red balls of light, very bright indeed.

“My husband and I watched them for about ten minutes. At first we thought they were helicopters but there was no sound and we have no idea what they were.”

Another woman at Grundisburgh reported seeing the same number of lights drifting in the sky near her home four hours earlier at about 8.30pm.

One motorist, who drove into Ipswich, to pick up his daughter from New Year celebrations, said the lights could easily have been Chinese lanterns. “The sky was full of lanterns floating around wherever you looked,” he said.

In Cumbria, families reported seeing strange lights on December 28 but are sure they were not Chinese lanterns as some moved very fast and vanished, others converging together.

Investigations are currently taking place into the damage to the wind turbine at Conisholme, Lincs, which ripped one blade off the machine and left another mangled. Theories include a UFO hitting it, a mechanical failure, and ice falling from an aircraft.

The Ministry of Defence does not investigate UFO sightings - only checking what military aircraft might have been in the area.

Suffolk's Roswell:-

SUFFOLK was the setting for Britain's most famous close encounter of the third kind when aliens were said to have landed in Rendlesham Forest.

UFO experts constantly claim the truth of the incident in 1980 has been covered up by government officials - but say the site has been used many times since by extra terrestrials.

Brenda Butler, who has co written a book about alien landings in the woodland, maintains she has witnessed first hand strange goings on in the remote area Suffolk countryside. She believes Rendlesham is a key area for alien visitors to the earth - a link between their world and ours.

“We go down there two or three times a week and we're still seeing things,” she said last year.

“We've seen craft down there since 1980 and we've seen big balls of light whizzing out of the forest. From what we've seen and all the witnesses that have come forward I believe something did happen that night.”

She said UFO watchers regularly take photos of glowing orbs and streaking lights in the forest area.

Lt Col Charles Halt of the US Air Force, who was at the Woodbridge air base nearby at the time, still stands by a statement he made at the time in which he recounted a tale of a strange “glowing object” in the forest.

FASTFACTS: Suffolk's Roswell

- It was December 27, 1980, strange lights were reported in Rendlesham Forest close to the Woodbridge air bases.

- American airmen at USAF Woodbridge reported seeing the lights at 4am and sent out men to investigate.

- Indentations were found in the ground and unexplained marks appeared on trees.

- The only explanation given for the lights was that it could have been the sweeping beam of the Orford lighthouse, but ufologists are not convinced.

- Books, documentaries and hundreds of articles have been written about the incident and enthusiasts still believe the truth is out there.

- Today people can walk the three-mile UFO trail in the forest which pinpoints the area where the incident happened.