Morris Thousand: Trip to Harrods was a baptism of fire

Morris Thousand

Morris Thousand - Credit: Archant

streetlife user Catherine tells us her tales about her Morris Thousand

My first car was a Morris Thousand in grey. It was not a splint windscreen one but old when I bought it. She was called Poddles

I was at college in Twickenham and passed my test in November. My flat mates decided we should go into Harrods and do some Christmas shopping. I drove into town worried we would never get back - a baptism of fire.

The next summer we drove to the South of France. My mother’s comment when we got back? ‘I hope you did not sunbathe topless!’

The car caused a stir in the French villages we drove through - we could not afford the auto route tolls.

I drove from Twickenham to Woking to do my teaching practise. On the way back one day a fellow student said it was draughty in the back. I asked her to find the source. She lifted up the carpet and saw the road. The floor was rotten. People were told to put their feet on the lump in the middle if they sat in the back.

Sadly eventually more bits rotted and she had to go.

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Thanks for reminding me I used to do stupid things and enjoyed them!

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