Morse and Lewis are the perfect double act

Morse and Lewis, from Sudbury.
Morse, in the red collar, is the boss in this partnership.

Morse and Lewis, from Sudbury. Morse, in the red collar, is the boss in this partnership. - Credit: Archant

Do these two look like Sudbury’s most dynamic crime-fighting duo?

Well that is exactly what their owner had in mind when he named them Morse and Lewis - after his favourite inspector and his trusted side-kick.

David Riddlestone, of Chaucer Road, Sudbury, said: “Our previous two cats lived to almost 20 and on losing them I said ‘no more’.

“But when our daughter’s cat had kittens my wife went on and on about having two replacements, so I said only if I could name them.

“Lewis and Morse, I said.”

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Wife June was not convinced and suggested he try again.

“Abbott and Costello was second choice,” said Mr Riddlestone. “So Lewis and Morse it was!

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“I would have had a third cat but Hathaway was a name too far.”

Mr Riddlestone admits to being a huge Morse fan and added: “I think I have every episode they made on DVD, hence the names. You can always guarantee a smile when telling anyone their names”.

He added: “Morse, as you would guess, is the boss and is a bit of a rover and Lewis is a stay at home cat.

Earlier this week, reporter Ellis Barker told how her cat was named after her mum’s favourite clothing store, Monsoon. And photographer Gregg Brown revealed his cat was named after the road in which they lived.

How did your pets get their names?

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