Motorists targeted in police safety op

MOTORISTS throughout west Suffolk have been targeted as part of a widespread crackdown by police.

Dave Gooderham

MOTORISTS throughout west Suffolk have been targeted as part of a widespread crackdown by police.

An operation to combat illegal driving in Bury St Edmunds, Sudbury and Haverhill has seen more than 40 officers tackle speeding, drink driving and using mobile phones while at the wheel.

But police revealed that drivers are still ignoring massive publicity campaigns and risking serious damage to themselves and others.

Chief Inspector, Neal Atwell, who led Operation Guardian, which took place yesterday, said the focus was on casualty reduction through enforcement and education.

He said: “With such a large team of officers dedicated to stopping offending vehicles, enforcing the law and educating motorists, I hope to make it clear to people in Sudbury, Haverhill and Bury that driving offences will not be tolerated.

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“We need to change the behaviour of drivers who continue to offend despite regular enforcement campaigns and publicity warnings of the dangers of driving while drunk, on drugs, whilst using a mobile, without a seatbelt or at high speeds.”

It is the fourth time police in west Suffolk have pro-actively stopped as many vehicles as possible to detect offences and increase public knowledge of safe driving practices.

Chief Insp Atwell said: “Drivers who offend make the roads dangerous for everyone - by using a mobile phone whilst driving, drinking and driving or speeding, are not properly in control of the vehicle.

“It only takes a second to cause a collision and do some serious damage, to something or someone.”

Around 40 officers in 17 vehicles took part in the operation starting at Sudbury and then moving on to Haverhill and finally Bury.

It was carried out as part of Suffolk Roadsafe, a group of agencies which aim to make the county's roads safer through education, enforcement and publicity.

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