Moulton: Artist hopes to present portrait to Kate Middleton

Artist Noreen Denzil has painted a picture of Kate Middleton which she is hoping the Duchess will ap

Artist Noreen Denzil has painted a picture of Kate Middleton which she is hoping the Duchess will approve of - Credit: Archant

AN ARTIST who has painted a portrait of Kate Middleton is hoping for the royal seal of approval.

Noreen Denzil, from Moulton, near Newmarket, has been in the spotlight after news of her painting of the Duchess of Cambridge hit the press.

While she described the official portrait of the Duchess by Paul Emsley as “fantastic,” she said she wanted to capture in paint how she and the public saw her.

She said the “dream” would be to present the portrait to the Duchess and for her to then donate it to a charity of her choosing.

The 47-year-old, who is a self-taught artist specialising in portraits, said: “Basically I wanted to paint her as I wanted to convey her natural beauty and warmth in her personality I’m not quite sure comes across in the official portrait which I think was fantastic.

“I have seen some of his work. He’s a great artist and technically it was a good piece, but it didn’t quite show how I see her and how the public see her so that was really how that triggered that off. That was why I did the piece.”

Miss Denzil, who painted the piece in just over three weeks, has captured the Duchess in a red suit she wore on a Royal trip to Calgary in Canada.

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“She looks great in red. Red really suits her and I chose to do her in that red outfit. I used several photos and just combined them. I think it captures her in a more natural pose as well.”

Miss Denzil said she had not heard from the Duchess yet, but she was thinking about contacting Clarence House.

She said: “Ideally it would be nice if the Duchess can see the piece, even if it was just to give her approval of it and choose a charity.”

She said supporting charity was a key element of the idea, adding she had raised money for different causes over the years through her work, including through donating a piece on Princess Diana to Fashion Acts, which raises awareness and funds for HIV and Aids.