Moving house - 27 times in four years!

A HOUSE is definitely not for life for Vanda James who has moved 27 times on the last four years.

A HOUSE is definitely not for life for Vanda James who has moved 27 times on the last four years.

Her search for a fulfilling career and the perfect pad has taken her all around Suffolk, including Woodbridge and Stowmarket, as well as further afield including Norfolk, Cambridgeshire, and Sussex.

The smell of fish and chips and a flea infestation have been just some of the reasons which have prompted the moves but she has now finally settled in Great Yarmouth, where she hopes to stay.

The 49-year-old mother-of-three said: “It got to the stage where I wouldn't take anything with me unless it fitted into my Peugeot 205 - it's made me realise just how little you need to live with and that it's about friends, family and location and not possessions.”

Her saga began four years ago when she sold her six-bedroom home in Great Yarmouth to begin a new life in New Zealand. She quit her job as a health and safety officer, but within three months, she returned as her 18-year-old son was finding it tough without her.

Ms James found herself on a giddy merry-go-round of moving houses in a bid to find work, starting off in Yarmouth before moving to Hethel, Caister on Sea, Norwich, back to Yarmouth and then to Chapel Road in Stowmarket where she left after three days because it was next to a fish and chip shop and she couldn't bear the smell.

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From there it was a three week stint in Norwich before she moved into a two bedroom cottage in The Street, Alderton, Woodbridge in May 2004.

Next was a refurbished bungalow in Easton Road, RAF Woodbridge, which according to locals, was built on a mass grave. The chilling atmosphere and noise at night meant it was soon time to pack her bags again.

From there she slept on a friend's sofa in Cobbold Street, Woodbridge, for a couple of months, followed by a brief stay at a cottage in Ash Road, Woodbridge and then in staff accommodation at the New Horizon Holiday Park in Mundesley before going back to Cobbold Street and then on to Brighton.

A trial job took her to Guernsey for a week and then on to Norwich, Gorleston, Cambridge, Brundall and Bawburgh.

One of her lowest points was when she moved to Chapel Lane, in Saxmundham as although it was a lovely cottage, it became infested with fleas, so she was off again.

Her penultimate move was to Chapel Court in Woodbridge but within eight months she left as she felt isolated and moved to her current address in School Road, Yarmouth.

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