Muggers stole dad's trousers

POLICE are today searching for a trio of muggers who pounced on an Ipswich father in the middle of the day and stole his trousers.

Naomi Cassidy

POLICE are today searching for a trio of muggers who pounced on an Ipswich father in the middle of the day and stole his trousers.

The 40-year-old dad, who does not wished to be named, was left dumbfounded after the aggressive attack, which happened in an alleyway near Sandyhill Lane and Robeck Road, Ipswich, at 10.30am on Bank Holiday Monday.

The victim was walking back to his home from the shops when he was approached by two men who jumped on him and pinned him to the ground.

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They started to go through the pockets of his jogging bottoms and were joined by a third man. As the victim was struggling so much, they took off his trainers, pulled off his trousers and ran off with them.

The trousers contained his wallet, which had £80 in cash, keys and a mobile phone.

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The victim has been left shaken by the incident and says it is just another reason why his family are looking to leave the area.

He said: “I had a zip to my pockets and they couldn't get them undone so they obviously thought it would be easier to take my jogging bottoms. Luckily I had some shorts on underneath and it didn't happen that far from my house.

“I never thought this sort of thing would happen to me. I was very shocked as it was really aggressive. I would say I am pretty strong but these guys were kneeling on my chest and arms and I couldn't do anything. I still ache now.

“It wasn't the money that bothered me so much but my photos and cards that were inside. I have had to change my locks as well just in case they know where I live.

“I have been looking over my shoulder a bit more. I have a 12-year-old son and I would be worried that something like this would happen to him. We have been looking to leave this area for a while now.”

The men have been described as being in their mid-20s, about 6ft and were wearing baseball hats.

Two of the men were black and one was mixed race, and had a 'designer' beard.

A Suffolk Police spokeswoman said: “We would really like to hear from anyone who was in the Sandyhill Lane area at the time, even if they didn't see the incident. Please come forward.”

Anyone who can help should call Detective Constable John Kirby on 01473 324800 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.

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