Mum-of-three who was left doubled over in pain as she did weekly family food shop because of IBS uses bacteria to combat symptoms

Tanya Hindes experienced debilitating symptoms before being diagnosed with IBS.

Tanya Hindes experienced debilitating symptoms before being diagnosed with IBS. - Credit: Archant

A Lowestoft woman has thanked a strain of bacteria for helping her deal with irritable bowel syndrome.

Tanya Hindes, 35, had experienced symptoms for more than two years before being diagnosed with IBS.

The syndrome, which affects 10-15% of the population, caused crippling abdominal pains, constant bloating and constipation and meant she could never be far from a toilet. Something as simple as going out for dinner would be a painful and embarrassing ordeal.

She resigned herself to the fact that she was going to have to live with the condition until she read about the results of a hospital trial involving a new treatment – a “live” multi-strain liquid bacteria called Symprove, proven in an independent study to combat IBS with no adverse effects.

She said: “Even after my diagnosis I was apprehensive about leaving the house when my IBS flared up as I knew I’d end up in crippling pain.”

“One day, when food shopping for my family, I started to get excruciating stomach pains and felt ill.

“I immediately knew I wasn’t going to be well, nor would my shopping get done as easily as I’d hoped.

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“I was leant over the trolley doubled over in pain with agonising stomach cramps, and was in too much pain to move from the aisle. I couldn’t work out how I was going to get out of there and couldn’t bear the thought of other shoppers seeing me like this or let anyone know what was happening.

“It was such a mortifying experience. I felt trapped by my condition and so alone. What worried me more was the impact my IBS had on my ability to enjoy time with my three children.”

She added: “Symprove has enabled me to live my life symptom-free and I feel great.

“I am so relieved to have found something that actually works and lets me get on with my day uninterrupted; and have been able to enjoy spending more time with the kids – it’s genuinely changed my life.”