My First Car: Rachel loved her ‘little rust bucket’

Rachel's old Ford KA. Picture: RACHEL EDGE

Rachel's old Ford KA. Picture: RACHEL EDGE - Credit: Rachels old Ford KA. Picture: RACHEL EDGE

Milo the blue Ford KA was a loyal companion from start to finish for photographer Rachel Edge, as she reveals in the latest in our My First Car series.

When I was 23 I finally bought my first car – my cobalt blue Ford KA which never once let me down (despite the money it cost me).

His name was Milo, and trust me it was sad to see him go. It was a short-lived love affair considering I had to break up with him after just a year together, but Milo was always there to get me from A to B, whatever the weather.

I bought the ‘54 plate in 2016 – so at 12 years old I knew he wouldn’t last too long, but that suited me fine. At the time all I craved was some independence, and Milo gave me just that.

He accompanied me on my first-ever long drive from my home in Southampton to Norwich, and the conditions were far from simple. Snow, sleet, rain, you name it – Milo endured it.

At times I didn’t think he would make it, but surprisingly my little rust bucket never once broke down and still to this day I am not sure how.

He certainly had a lot of character, with his faulty speakers which would flop during the summer heat. When temperatures were high the radio would cut-out completely and the radio itself would pop out of the dashboard due to it expanding. I would have to wait for it to cool down and pop it back in.

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Milo also came on my first visit to Ipswich and got my mother and I here in one piece.

Sadly in the end it was cheaper to get rid of him than it would have been to keep him.

But Milo was a great first car and I always knew I could trust him.

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