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Abbie Hunter

Abbie Hunter - Credit: Archant

With all this running I’m certainly keeping fit!

My human person Matt does like to run but it has now gone to a whole new level.

His family are buying trainers and getting out there – which means this alsatian-cross-husky is very happy.

Last week as you may know I was on holiday in the marvellously pretty county of Cumbria where of course there were, much to my pleasure, lots of sheep and cows to look at.

We were not far from the Lake District and did a lot – and I mean a lot – of running. I was even taken on some walkies.

While there the newspapers were full of Ed Miliband’s speech at the Labour Conference (dog’s can’t read silly, it was Matt who told me).

The man who looks like Wallace out of Wallace and Gromit (what a helpful dog he is) forgot his lines. I would never be so stupid – for me it’s bark, howl and occasionally yelp.

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With the election coming round it’s difficult for me to say who I’d vote for. I must say any party that promises to gives canines the vote gets my backing.

Although I’ve been told I have blue blood, I’m not sure the Tories are for me. Perhaps I need to set up my own political party, complete with conference kennels and water bowls.

Imagine me in the House of Commons; but I can’t believe they would they let me sit on the ancient green leather seats.

The speaker would have to be recalled the barker and I would allow the Queen’s corgis to enter whenever Her Majesty comes to Westminster.

As told to Matt Hunter.

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