My pet: Abbie goes running with Matt as he steps up his exercise regime

Abbie Hunter

Abbie Hunter - Credit: Archant

Trainers to the left of me, fluorescent jackets to the right, here I am stuck in a running house with Matt.

That reference to Stuck in The Middle With You by Stealers Wheel may not get your tail wagging but I thought it was impressive.

This week my reading has expanded beyond the Dog Times to include Runner’s World for Dogs and for good reason – I’ve been told I could be the next Mo Farah.

Matt, my human person, who is already running-obsessed, said it was time for me to get fit. I know I’m no human but four legs are better than two and now my training regime has really picked up.

After being astounded at how much the nearest Gym for Dogs is (well, it’s for humans really but I can’t think why they wouldn’t let me in) I’ve been asking Matt to get me some Lycra which would be so fetching on me, don’t you think?

Matt has a half-marathon coming up which sounded rather scary so I asked if I could come out on some of his shorter training runs.

So far I’ve been able to keep up with his flat-footed form and even sailed past him a couple of times. But he said there is more to running than well, running.

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It is all about squats and planks and core strength, whatever that means. After investing in a yoga mat, wobble board and free weights, I wouldn’t have much left in my weekly budget for treats so I won’t.

But anyway, my abs have developed and I now resemble a mini dog-version of Arnold Schwarzenegger but without the right-wing tendencies.

I must be the fittest dog in the world!

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