My pet: Abbie Hunter goes back to school

Abbie Hunter

Abbie Hunter - Credit: Archant

On my first school day I was called a diva!

What can I say it was a sign of things to come. My EADT paymasters called me on the dog and bone this week to get me to look back on my old school days and within moments I was flooded with memories both good and bad.

I did embrace my education days with open paws but sadly there are no photographic records of my shirt and tie days.

Yes there was a school for dogs back when I was young. Us pooches, although our intelligence can never be questioned, do need lessons (some more than others). Don’t get me started on my human person Matt, he can’t even find a photo of his first school day.

The food wasn’t great but exercise, unlike our human friends’ schooling, was high on the agenda.

Lessons included: how to get your owner’s attention for walkies, how to dig, how to wag and how to mark your area.

I was a straight A’s pupil and excelled in the fashion and drama classes.

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As told to Matt Hunter

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