My Pet: Abbie Hunter in a battle of minds between the kittens

Abbie Hunter

Abbie Hunter - Credit: Archant

The question you have to ask is, couldn’t they have found another dog?

I am not for one canine minute questioning the future existence of this column (despite the pesky kittens’ ideas), no, I am talking about a funny video which appeared online this week.

The footage shows a helpless pup stuck in a wall while a little black kitten, (a Walter look-a-like) watches on.

I showed our human person Matt who agreed with their highnesses Jessie and Walter that dogs sometimes don’t help themselves when it comes to showing off their intelligence.

I, of course, coming from such a fine line of alsatian-cross-huskies, have no problems in the brains department.

You may also want to watch:

But the poor pup did – he is shown by the kitten how to escape from the wall – by crawling underneath some tarpaulin (hardly Einstein stuff I know).

In the IQ stakes Matt would never be a winner. He told me this week how he was very happy with himself after he finally got round to purchasing a suitably big scratch post for the kittens.

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The only problem came when he checked his emails which, to his horror, showed that two of the said items had been bought! Money down the drain? Well, not exactly as he tried to get me to use it but I quickly turned my tail and headed for my silk bed.

But then the full magnitude of what Matt had done hit home. You see, £20 may only get you one tall scratch post but it would buy enough treats to last me at least a few months!

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As told to Matt Hunter

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