My Pet: Abbie Hunter is going for gold in the doggy Olympics

Abbie Hunter

Abbie Hunter - Credit: Archant

Can you believe it? Matt took me for a walk this week! He’s had a few days off and said he had nothing else to do; but at least he’s making some effort.

As one spends so much time indoors because of a general lack of walkies, I watched the Commonwealth Games with keen dog eyes. Seeing the feeble humans run, jump and swim made me think ? what about Doggy Olympics?

This husky-cross-alsatian is ready for any mutt challenger. After seeing the Lord of the Rings trilogy back-to-back and basking in its CGI magnificence I remembered a line from the rather hairy creature called a dwarf.

Gimli, the little one, made a pleasing comment about being “very dangerous over short distances”. I know I would almost be the opposite. Mo Farah would have to stop his Moboting if he is to catch me over five kilometres. Tom Daley can do the diving, though; I don’t think I’d look very good in Speedos.

What Matt and his friends need is inspiration. With many Britons obese and unable to run 100 metres, let alone three miles, us canines can show how it’s done.

In the past few days I’ve taken to escaping from my pen to go training, ready for any Team GB Dog call-up. But I was taken aback to read a letter from a reader who questioned my boisterous dog antics when out and about on walkies. I, like most of my canine friends, am fond of giving chase to animals. But I can assure my readers I never get close. You see, at this time in one’s life, the legs aren’t what they used to be. It may have to be the Senior Doggy Olympics for me.

Still, four legs are better than two! As told to Matt Hunter

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