My Pet: Abbie Hunter is happy with her decision to not move in with Matt

Abbie Hunter

Abbie Hunter - Credit: Archant

So what was life like for one week without Matt?

I can tell you – it was absolutely amazing. Here on my quilted cushion I wasn’t disturbed by rambled noises coming from the living room or failed walkies promises.

When Matt, my human person, left me on February 27 I thought that would be it. But only a few hours later on Saturday morning I was told by his parents I would heading to see him.

I considered jumping out of the car as we drove through Ipswich but my survival instinct kicked in and I curled back in my seat.

Matt’s greeting was to offer me water and biscuits as if I was some stray off the streets. But things perked up when I saw he had bought me a bed for whenever I need to stay over.

I must say that the house was in good order. Perhaps it could do with a tidy but I didn’t want to offer my services, unless he was going to pay me! So far there’s no internet, fridge or washing machine – and they say it’s a dogs life.

One of my loyal readers from the canine community wrote in this week after seeing my last column.

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Amber, the corgi-German shepherd from Felixstowe, said: “I’m sorry to hear your human person has moved out and left you behind. Having moved home recently myself, I know how you feel.

“But before you pack your bag and go too, you need to consider where you will be better off – where you will get the most walks, the best treats and the undivided attention that you deserve.”

Certainly things I considered when I made my decision to stay put.

Loki the lurcher from Ipswich also wrote in but on a slightly different topic: “I was sorry to hear of Abbie losing her human person. My human person Matt Bunn recently took me to the vets for what he called ‘the snip’. I’ve not felt the same since.”

As told to Matt Hunter