My Pet: Abbie loves going round Matt’s new house, even when he isn’t there.

Abbie Hunter

Abbie Hunter - Credit: Archant

Matt’s house has taken a turn for the better!

While my human person is out at work I secretly go round and spend the day lounging on his sofa.

When I heard he was leaving his parents near Stowmarket I was concerned. Not because my walkies number would diminish but I’d have no one in the house lower than me in the pecking order.

But as I sit here in sunny Ipswich, covering his floors with luscious white hair and pawprints I’m rather content.

The first thing I do when I come over is make myself a bowl of water and raid his cupboards for treats.

The peace and quiet is fantastic and although I have a thick coat I like to turn his heating up high – that will surely put a few pounds on his gas bill!

What worries me is if Matt were to find out. It’s not as if he doesn’t know how to party as I hear from a reliable source in the canine world that the house was the scene of a bit of a rave at the weekend – where was my invite?!

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Anyway, back to reality and recently my postbox has been filling up.

I received an email from the Hearing Dogs for Deaf People about their first-ever event. On May 10 at Ickworth Park, near Bury St Edmunds, the group is holding its Great British Dog Walk. But it’s not just a walk, it’s a big event for anyone with a dog. There will be stalls, activities and more in the park.

Apparently “local key figures and celebrities” are being invited with myself one of them! For tickets go to

If any dogs, or even their owners, would like to get in contact email

As told to Matt Hunter

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