My Pet: Abbie’s favourite books include 101 Dalmatians and The Bone Collector

Abbie Hunter

Abbie Hunter - Credit: Archant

I am dog years ahead of my human person Matt.

He says he reads newspapers and magazines but I only ever see him watching TV. His latest craze is for the American political drama House of Cards but as a lady of leisure I do like a book - to chew,

mainly. Whether it’s The Bone Collector, The Strange Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time or 101 Dalmatians (102

Dalmatians was too much) books are popular in the canine world.

I have thought about writing my own autobiography but Matt says that no one would read it.

You may also want to watch:

He says it’s hardly Gnaw and Peace but I think my fans would follow my adventures, er, doggedly, if they were only

given the chance.

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Only this week my long-term fan Amber, a corgi-German Shepherd from Felixstowe wrote in, wanting to talk to me about the new series of Game of Thrones - which, of course, is one of my favourite programmes, what with the large number of gorgeous, husky-type dogs in it.

Didn’t I always say I had star quality? Anyway, Amber thought I’d like to know that she had seen an advert for a “corgski” dog that needs a new home. Apparently this is a husky/corgi cross! She said: “It doesn’t get much better

than that! He is a lovely looking fellow – the regal stature of a corgi, with the gorgeous coat of a husky. From such a

perfect gene pool, he’s got it all – looks, brains, personality – he will have no trouble finding a nice new home.”

He certainly sounds like a super pooch.

Perhaps we could go on an Incredible Journey together?

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