My Pet: Abbie would have made a better monarch than Richard III

Abbie Hunter

Abbie Hunter - Credit: Archant

I may be a dog, but some believe I could have been a Queen!

This week the human and canine worlds have been going barking mad for news on Richard III.

The last plantagenet king died in 1485 but now, 530 years later in 2015, the focus is back on him.

But dear Richard, one of the most maligned monarchs in history, had a problem with his back.

As my so-called friends and Matt, my human person, wished to point out, I also have a slightly misaligned spine, as the photograph demonstrates.

You may also want to watch:

I don’t know what causes me to sit like it but my back does seem to have a way of curling up.

Of all the kings and queens I could be likened to, Richard should not be one of them, though. Now, if you mention Queen Victoria or Queen Elizabeth I, or even Her Majesty our current queen, I would have been more content than a dog at meal time.

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But this week dear old Richard has been attracting attention with hours of live television devoted to his reinternment.

I guess he was a king after all, but he’s no Abbie. I’d never have worn such stupid clothing and I would have made everyone aware of doggy toothpaste way before it was invented.

As told to Matt Hunter

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