My Pet: Conservatives win in Suffolk but who did Abbie vote for?

Abbie Hunter

Abbie Hunter - Credit: Archant

So it was all blue, blue and more blue for Suffolk in the general election.

They say you should never ask a person which party they voted for, and it should be the same for dogs. Matt, my human person, disagrees. He says that if animals as low as the dog are given the vote, they should have to explain who they went for.

Reclining on my new rather splendid bed, I watched rather sleepily as the results came in from across the country. As Dimbleby and Co were left flabbergasted by the news at 10pm that the Tories were forecast for a majority, I was setting up a group chat on Facebook For Dogs with my canine friends.

Although I cannot possibly reveal my allegiances, I will out my pedigree chums. Margot the Dalmatian from Milden is like Madonna in many ways and also True Blue. Frank the Labrador from Leiston was undecided between UKIP and Labour. But when it came to the crunch he went red.

There was talk some humans would partake in a drinking game for election night. Us dogs preferred the eating game. It was one chunk of meat whenever a guest being interviewed reached for their ear to hear what they were being asked and a whole bone if the “long-term economic plan” was mentioned.

Much food was wiped from the dogs’ bowls when “it’s too early in the night” was used as an argument for suspending belief in what eventually turned out to be the case.

The system worked rather well until we ran out of food.

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