My Pet: It’s time to help stray pets

Abbie Hunter in the snow

Abbie Hunter in the snow - Credit: Archant

This week we have called on our human person to add to his menagerie.

Yes that’s right, we have asked Matt to take on all these stray dogs that are around.

A stray pooch is apparently seized every 10 minutes in the UK which leads (get it?) us to think it’s time he brought these animals into his home.

Although life with the pesky kittens, Walter and Jessie, is troublesome, I wouldn’t mind being an adoptive mother to these poor canines and any felines.

Afterall it is nearly Christmas isn’t it? It’s meant to be a time for love and peace and all of that – so we should lend our paw to help if we are able.

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There is certainly room for birds, turtles, rats, gerbils, guinea pigs and many more as well if required.

We certainly don’t want to become a zoo though, so no giraffes or lions (Matt’s certainly no Dr Dolittle) but I think myself, Walter and Jessie could manage any other animal which needs a home.

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We are a caring lot, although sometimes it wouldn’t seem it!

Matt does have fears that his home would become known as Matt’s Ark and would be recognised as a tourist attraction for people all over Suffolk.

But with all the gleaming Christmas lights now being raised up to cover houses across the land would it even get noticed?

Perhaps if we had a grizzly bear, a rhino and African elephant, but that would probably be a little too silly. Even for us!

Any pets who want to write in should email

As told to Matt Hunter

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