My Pet: Kittens delivered direct to your door?! Whatever next!

Walter and Jessie Hunter

Walter and Jessie Hunter - Credit: Archant

How could you resist them?

It was National Cat Day last week – don’t tell us the date wasn’t in your diary?!

Anyway, Uber the taxi app offered users the chance to cuddle kittens for 15 minutes as part of a link-up with animal shelters.

The service was only available in the USA and Canada but for a £20 “snuggle fee” (which went to supporting participating animal shelters) people could get the kittens delivered to their work or home. If someone then decided they wanted to adopt one they could speak with staff from the shelters.

When we told Matt, our human person, about this he said he had missed a trick.

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He shocked us when he said he could have made heaps of cash in a similar venture using us!

He later apologised for such a ghastly statement which caused Abbie, our husky-cross-alsatian friend to howl.

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Speaking of the white snow wolf, we recently tried to go walking with her.

Yes respectable cat owners can now take their feline pals on their walkies using a dog-like lead.

Matt thought this was a great idea until he had three animals each competing to run and jump in three different directions.

After just five minutes of agony our dear Matthew decided enough was enough and brought us home.

Perhaps we should just be allowed to go out on our own!

Any pets who would like to get in contact to share their stories should email

As told to Matt Hunter

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