My Pet: The weather won’t stop Abbie’s Christmas shopping

Abbie Hunter in the snow

Abbie Hunter in the snow - Credit: Archant

The weather bomb didn’t get me!

We canines worry little about the temperature, humid or cold, it doesn’t matter, as long as we get our walkies.

And it was the same this week when Matt, my human person, came home from work worrying about a weather bomb.

I had no idea what he was talking about but apparently it involved a rapidly intensifying depression, whatever that means. I admit I couldn’t make head nor tail from it but Matt had his coat and umbrella – what more does a human need?

Margot the dalmatian from Milden was worried the weather was going to disrupt her Christmas shopping but I persuaded her that all of the finest department stores have heating and water bowls for refreshment.

Frank the labrador from Leiston is doing all his shopping online, the lazy mutt, so cares little about the wind.

Thinking about Matt’s present, I was distracted by an enticing advert about a weather station. On the positive side it would mean he would be better prepared for whatever Mother Nature throws at him but it would mean another horrible electronic device in the house.

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Long-standing readers will know about my nervous disposition. Whether it’s I’m a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here! or the microwave – I’m not keen on anything with weird jungle noises or unusual machine beeps.

So I will just have to keep thinking about what to get him. Some ideas are of course off the list: cats and another dog.

If any dogs, or even their owners, would like to write in, email

As told to Matt Hunter

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