Mysterious apparition appears in flood victim’s photographs

WHEN Michael Harris was photographing rising water outside his pretty village home he saw nothing unusual.

However, when he looked at the images later on his computer, Mr Harris, of Great Saxham, near Bury St Edmunds, noticed a number of orb-like discs on the image.

And when he looked at them still more closely, he noticed three of the circular discs had what seemed to be faces.

The photographs were taken a few weeks ago during the very heavy rain which left some parts of Bury flooded.

The possibility that the strange discs are the result of debris on either the camera lens or sensor have been ruled out because they only appear in one of the pictures he had taken.

And the likelihood they are some form of bokeh – the way in which light spots are rendered out of focus – has been similarly put to rest because his compact camera’s lens does not have the wideness of aperture to make such shapes possible.

As a result, Mr Harris, who has lived in the cottage with his wife Julie for more than 20 years, is at a loss to explain the strange and peculiar face-like shapes. But he is very keen to find out what they might be.

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He said: “When you change the contrast and put the light levels right down, everything else disappears but you can still see the orbs, though they turn blue.

“It is very strange. I keep looking at them and every time I sit down to have a look I see something else. There must be something in it.”

He has even wondered whether the strange discs might be connected with a ghost he believes shares his timber-beamed 200-year-old cottage.

Called ‘John’, Mr Harris said the ghost in their house had a dog and told how John would occasionally ruffle people’s hair, put his hand over a lampshade to cast a shadow or push a photograph off a ledge in the study.

The couple also live within 50 yards of the church and its cemetery.

“The truth is,” he said. “We don’t know what these discs are. We would really like to know.

“They are perfectly circular. One of them has an old-fashioned style beard with big long side-burns.”

He also captured strange shapes – this time resembling the planet Saturn – a few days ago when he was outside his home with the camera.

“Whatever it is, it only seems to be there when there is water about. Perhaps it is something to do with that.”