Mystery man faces charges as naked cyclist stuns village

A MYSTERY man could face criminal charges after a naked cyclist rode through a Suffolk village.

A man, who has not been named, has been reported to the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) for outraging public decency after being interviewed by police.

Residents in Acton near Sudbury were stunned when they saw a naked man riding a bike along Waldingfield Road on Monday, June 7.

Vince Humphries, a Speed Watch member and parish councillor in neighbouring Great Waldingfield, was taking part in a speed trap operation when he saw the brazen cyclist riding by.

Speaking after the incident, Mr Humphries said: “I thought ‘crikey, is he naked?’

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“As soon as he saw us he was pedalling like mad.

“I think he might have thought our radar gun was a camera because, when he got closer, he speeded up.”

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Police launched an investigation after the bizarre event was reported, urging anyone with information to come forward.

But this week, a spokeswoman for Suffolk police, said: “A man was interviewed by officers on August 25 and he has been reported for the offence of outraging public decency.”

A file has now been passed to the CPS to consider whether to press criminal charges against him.

If convicted, the man could face a maximum penalty of life imprisonment.

Julie Seddon, a spokeswoman for the CPS, said: “This is a common law offence which carries the maximum sentence of life imprisonment.

“It doesn’t mean the court will enforce this.”

The man has not been arrested or charged by police.

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