Mystery over radio DJ's disappearance

THE disappearance of a prominent local radio presenter from the air waves continues to remain a mystery today.

Russell Claydon

THE disappearance of a prominent local radio presenter from the air waves continues to remain a mystery today.

Bob Strong, a popular DJ on Ipswich station Town 102 FM, has been absent from his mid-morning slot for two weeks now, but programme bosses last night refused to offer listeners an explanation.

Mr Strong, who joined the station in its first year in the autumn of 2006, has built up a loyal following on his 10am to 3pm show where he hosts a phone-in alongside playing a mix of music.

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But his absence from the station recently, with no explanation, has led to hundreds of fans calling for a petition for him to once again hit the airwaves.

The members of an internet social networking site group on Facebook dedicated to the presenter are also threatening to never tune into Town 102 again if Mr Strong does not return.

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David Rees, the programme producer at the station told the EADT: “It is a private matter being dealt with between us both. When we are in a position to we will say something.”

Lynn Long, the operations director for the Tindle Group, who own Town 102, added: “We would never comment on any individual member of our staff.”

They could not say if the DJ will ever return to the show or what the reasons were surrounding his absence.

The lack of information surrounding Mr Strong's continued absence has left fans feeling frustrated and a group of more than 200 dedicated to the DJ's work on Facebook are attempting to make their views heard.

Toni Darbyshire claimed in a post that when callers to the station asked where Bob was they were immediately cut off the air.

She added: “The company I work for have 120 staff on the road constantly who were also listening, some of us have decided CDs are better than the station without Bob - bring back Bob.”

Sarah Cox, registered to the London network, wrote: “I've tried calling and sending emails to Town 102. On the phone all they say is 'Bob's on a break!'

“Lets vote with our fingers and switch to another station. They may soon get the message then.”

Karl Robins posted: “We all hope Bob returns but without Bob Strong on air Town 102 I think Town 102 has lost its spark, its edge.”

Mr Strong, who used to work for rival station Radio Suffolk, could not be contacted last night.

Craig Stevens took over the programme usually fronted by the Wolverhampton born presenter yesterday. But Mr Strong's profile remains up on their website.

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