Mystery blood found on porch at home in Chattisham emerges as injured cyclist needing help

Police helicopter

Police helicopter - Credit: Archant

A mystery pool of blood found on a porch of a home in Chattisham following a knock on the door in the early hours of Saturday morning has emerged as an injured cyclist needing help.

Suffolk police officers said they were called after a resident of the village near Ipswich heard a knock on their door early on Saturday morning, but didn’t answer it immediately.

They eventually went down to find nobody at the door but some blood on their porch and a rucksack.

Police conducted a search of the area with the help of dog units and the police helicopter later that morning in an attempt to find out what had happened.

However, it has now emerged that the blood and rucksack belonged to a cyclist from Chelmondiston – Jonathan Luke – who had knocked on the door for help after suffering a head injury.

The 52-year-old – who regularly cycles late on Friday nights with two friends – came off his bike while travelling around 15mph in the wet conditions.

He came off his bike and suffered a cut to his head.

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“I just took a head dive and landed on the road,” he said.

“I was a bit disorientated and found myself turning – I must have been lost.

“I noticed the house and thought they could call an ambulance.

“For some reason I took my rucksack off and left my rucksack there when nobody answered.”

His friends found him soon after, helping him to the nearby Best Western Ipswich Hotel where an ambulance was called.

But remarkably to get there for help Mr Luke had to cycle around five miles with his head injury and a puncture.

Paramedics arrived and rushed him to Ipswich Hospital, but was taken to Norfolk and Norwich Hospital soon after for stitches.

He was discharged this morning and has now returned home.

“I’m doing fine – it’s not that bad as it happens,” he said.

“It’s a big scar and a sting wound but otherwise I’m absolutely fine.

“It’s one of these things where if I was wearing a helmet I would have just brushed myself off and been fine, but I have cycled for 30 odd years and haven’t landed on my head once.”

Mr Luke said he was going to invest in a helmet in the future, while his 15-year-old son Justin said his dad was in good spirits despite the accident.

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