Needham Market: Mother’s warning over brain tumours on eve of fundraising event for Lauren Stewart

Lauren Stewart, who died from a brain tumour aged 19.

Lauren Stewart, who died from a brain tumour aged 19.

A MOTHER has warned young people about the risks of brain tumours after her 19-year-old daughter lost her battle with cancer.

Lauren Stewart, from Needham Market, died in 2011 only six months after being diagnosed with a brain tumour.

Her mother Tracey has urged youngsters to see their doctor if they have any possible symptoms.

“People do not realise just how many young people get brain tumours,” Mrs Stewart said.

“It’s more common than leukaemia, which I was surprised to find out. Brain tumour research only gets a really small proportion of funding.

“I do not want people to have the same experience as our family because it’s just awful.

“The difficulty is they are really hard to detect. Lauren did not have any headaches, people need to be mindful and not leave it like Lauren did. She had symptoms for a while – it was a year before she told me.”

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She said Lauren’s symptoms included having a strange sensation down her side and deja vu.

This Saturday a disco will be held for the Lauren Stewart Tribute Fund in the week when she would have celebrated her 21st birthday.

Tickets have sold out for the event which is expected to raise £1,000 for the fund which supports Brain Tumour UK.

So far almost £3,000 has been raised for the fund through events including an annual horse parade.

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