Neighbour allegedly shot dog after it came into his garden, crown court told

The jury was discharged at Ipswich Crown Court. Picture: PHIL MORLEY

The jury was discharged at Ipswich Crown Court. Picture: PHIL MORLEY - Credit: Archant

A 78-year-old Suffolk man killed a neighbour’s dog with a shotgun and then threatened to shoot its owner, it has been alleged.

Robin Conway-Lusted was allegedly told by Robin Rolph that his Mastiff cross Labrador called Coco had come into garden in Undley Road, Lakenheath, and was trying to “murder” his dog, Ipswich Crown Court heard.

While Mr Conway-Lusted was looking for his dog in nearby woodland he heard a gunshot and then saw Rolph holding a shotgun with his finger on the trigger, said Gerard Renouf, prosecuting.

Mr Conway-Lusted said he shouted and swore at Rolph for shooting his dog and claimed that Rolph had then threatened to shoot him.

Mr Renouf alleged that Rolph had no good reason to shoot Mr Conway-Lusted’s dog and had shot it in anger as a punishment after it came into his garden.

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He said that when Coco’s body was found the dog had a wound above his left eye.

Rolfe, of Undley Road, Lakenheath, has denied affray and destroying a dog belonging to Mr Conway-Lusted on September 13 last year.

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Giving evidence, Max Kettley, Mr Conway-Lusted’s stepson, said he had been at home when he saw Coco jump through a fence into Rolph’s garden.

He said that when his stepfather had run towards Rolph and asked him if he had shot his dog, Rolph had pointed a shotgun at him and said: “I did shoot the dog and I’ll shoot you, too.”

He said that during the incident Mr Conway-Lusted, who had suffered a number of heart attacks, had become unwell and an ambulance was called.

Mr Kettley found Coco’s dead body by a perimeter fence the following day.

He said at no time during the incident on September 13 had he seen Rolph’s dog Ted in the middle of the lawn with its throat ripped and bleeding profusely.

After his arrest, Rolph said he heard his wife screaming and saw Coco had his dog Ted in its mouth and was shaking him.

He went to get his gun and loaded it with two cartridges and fearing that Coco, who he claimed had jumped on a wall and was facing him, was going to attack him he had panicked and fired a shot. He said he hadn’t wanted to wound the dog.

The trial continues.

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