Neighbours' tribute to murdered mum

THE alleged murder of Wendy Singh by her husband Raymond has left their former Ipswich neighbours shocked.

Anthony Bond

THE alleged murder of Wendy Singh by her husband Raymond has left their former neighbours in Ipswich shocked.

Christa Lockyer, 36, and Colm Lynch, 30, lived next door to the Singh's on Grove Lane and described how they were “quite close”.

The children played with each other in the garden and Mr Lynch helped decorate the Singh's Great Yarmouth house.

They said the Singh's moved to Fiji after they bought a resort complex.

“They were really looking forward to getting away to Fiji,” said Mr Lynch.

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“It was a new start for them. They bought a resort off some old boy on the internet who had sold it cheap and they were going to take it over. I think they were hoping to make their millions from it.”

When the Singh's left Ipswich for Fiji last year it was a sad time for both couples and their children. “When they left they gave us a box of chocolates and Raymond had tears in his eyes and Wendy was crying and I gave her a hug. We exchanged addresses when they left and the children wrote to them but we never heard anything back.”

The couple described Raymond as a quiet person who was very softly spoken and seemed “very gentle”. They said Wendy was a “lovely girl and very friendly”, although Mr Lynch said she seemed to have things on her mind.

“She was very laid back but to me she seemed to be the person who had things on her mind,” he said. “She would sit out the back with a cigarette and was very quiet and looked like she was far away.”

Both have been left stunned by the news of Wendy's death. “It is unreal and I am absolutely shocked. I cannot believe it,” said Ms Lockyer.