Netflix's 'special shoutout' to Suffolk accent as Sutton Hoo film releases

The Dig

Netflix's The Dig, based on the tale of Sutton Hoo, is out now - Credit: Larry Horricks/Netflix

Netflix UK's Twitter account has said it is "moving to Ipswich" because of the Suffolk accent following the release of Sutton Hoo blockbuster The Dig.

The film, starring Ralph Fiennes, Carey Mulligan and Lily James, was released on the streaming service on Friday.

Netflix's Twitter describes the picture as "a warm hug of a period drama at a time we *really* needed it", before reserving a "special shoutout" to the Suffolk accent.

The account then claims: "Brb, moving to Ipswich."

Fiennes, who plays excavator Basil Brown in the blockbuster, was born in Ipswich but needed some help fine-tuning his Suffolk accent for his lines.

He enlisted the help of Suffolk dialect coach Charlie Haylock, with the additional help of musician Jay Ducker, from Wenhaston, as a reference for dialogue during production.

Jay Ducker and Ralph Fiennes

Jay Ducker (left) on set with Ralph Fiennes during filming for The Dig - Credit: LARRY HORRICKS/NETFLIX

The film already had professional dialect coach Jamie Matthewman and Suffolk dialect author Charlie Haylock on board working on script revisions and overall guidance.

But Jay was tasked with bouncing ideas off Fiennes and correcting any flaws in his accent.

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Jay said: "I would get up at 4am to be on set for 5am and he would already have been to the gym - his intensity and work ethic were extraordinary. His detail to everything was impeccable."