‘Never in my wildest dreams did I think I’d win £250,000’ says Suffolk mum

Nicola Flack from Bury St Edmunds

Nicola Flack from Bury St Edmunds - Credit: Ady Kerry

A Bury St Edmunds single mum has scooped a £250,000 cash prize after taking a chance with a lottery scratchcard.

Nicola Flack, 41, said she was on her way to visit her parents when she decided to buy a £2 scratchcard from the Spar shop in St Olaves Road on the Howard Estate.

“My daughter was keen to get to nan’s house so I was thinking about that more than the scratchcard,” said Nicola. “I played the first game, hoping that I would reveal the winning symbol, a diamond, to give me a win but never in my wildest dreams thought I really would, or if I did it would be a £250,000 prize.”

Nicola said the cash had been used to pay off her debts and ensure a “secure future” for herself and her daughter.

“Some people may buy a flash car or new house but I’m happy with my lot. For me, knowing we are financially secure is the ultimate dream come true,” she said.

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After revealing the winning diamond on the red scratchcard from National Lottery GameStore, Nicola said she began “shaking like a leaf” and the shop assistant came to check she was OK.

She then went around the corner to where she worked to get a further opinion.

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“My boss took one look at the scratchcard and told me she was calling my mum and dad to come and fetch me,” she said. “I felt like a 15-year-old all over again but to be honest I was in so much shock I really did need my mum and dad to look after me.”

She said the first thing she did after arriving at her parents’ home was ring Camelot to confirm the win and then “settle down to a calming cup of tea”.

Nevertheless, she was back at work at 7am the next Sunday morning after having hidden the scratchcard at her parents’ house.

“I don’t intend to give up work so I wasn’t going to let them down on Sunday morning although I will admit I did go to work with a bit more of a spring in my step than usual for a Sunday,” she said. “I was too worried to keep something worth £250,000 with me so hid the scratchcard at mums where it stayed until the win was officially verified.”

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