Could you offer a loving home to a rescue dog on Channel 4's new show?

Your dog will love it!

Producers of a Channel 4 show are looking for new people to offer a caring home for rescue dogs in Suffolk (stock image) - Credit: Archant

The popular Channel 4 show, The Dog House is making a return, with producers looking for people from Suffolk who can offer a loving home to a rescue dog.

The new series, which is made with Wood Green, The Animals Charity in Cambridgeshire, a charity which specialise in matching their rescue dogs with would-be owners.

The hit TV show follows this process, getting to know all the dogs and their histories, and an array of people from all walks of life. Viewers get to watch brand-new relationships forming between them.

Producers are now currently searching for people who are thinking about rehoming a rescue dog, and who would be up for sharing their ideas and reasons for doing so.

In previous series the show has found  that there were many reasons people might be considering bringing a dog into their life – loneliness, extra company for a child, to encourage exercise, to live in the moment more, to name a few.

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