Get free chocolates in Suffolk this Saturday - including hot cross bun truffles

Marimba launches its new seasonal chocolates at the weekend with free samples available all day Pic

Marimba launches its new seasonal chocolates at the weekend with free samples available all day Picture: Marimba - Credit: Archant

An artisan chocolate maker is launching its first seasonal collection at the weekend with samples for cocoa-loving customers.

Sudbury-based chocolatier Marimba (known for its single origin hot chocolate flakes and handmade chocolates) is to launch its first ever seasonal collection on 2020's Leap Year day - February 29.

Free samples of the new creations will be available to try throughout the day at the Borehamgate-based business's premises.

Each of the artisanal products has been handmade by the family store in its chocolate workshop, blending the finest single origin chocolate with natural flavours and inclusions. The Spring Collection includes new varieties of Marimba's Chocolate Thins.

"The Strawberry and Mint Thins are reminiscent of our favourite fruity tipple, with single original Venezuela milk chocolate flavoured with real strawberry an garden mint," says chocolatier Katherine Robinson. "But if spring had a flavour, we are sure that our Spring Sunshine Thins would be it. Sweet and smooth white chocolate is the perfect base for the vibrant natural citrus flavours of orange, grapefruit and pineapple."

Also new is the specially blended Dark Milk Hot Chocolate Melt (52%) made with cocoa beans exclusively from Colombia. "Its soft acidic tones complement the fruitiness of the cocoa," says Marimba's barista trainer Brad Wright. "The delicate flavour provides a balance between the typical bitterness of cocoa and the creamy, caramel notes, with a fruity undertone."

The hot chocolate will be available for tasting outside the back of the Marimba Cocoa House on Great Eastern Road.

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Marimba's loyalty card holders are in for a further treat, as they can drop in to the shop for the exclusive tasting of the Spring Collection's three delicious new handmade chocolates: Rose and Raspberry Caramel, Lemon and Violet Cream, and - ready for Easter - a Hot Cross Bun truffle.

The Spring Collection range is available only in the Sudbury Cocoa House and Chocolatiers and on the Marimba web site. "We are proud of our roots as a Suffolk business, and delighted to be bringing some amazing new chocolate experiences to our local customers, who have supported us for more than ten years now," says Marimba director David Wright.

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