New gain, new pain

It is a delicate subject but I feel I must tell you about my accident in the home as it might save others from suffering the same fate.

The laptop computer, that marvel of modern science, is often an antidote to television ennui. When you don’t want to watch someone cooking offal, tracing their ancestors back to fallen great aunt Cecily, or doing up their semi like a Roman villa, then the internet offers a world of diversions.

So it was that I was sitting in my jim-jams, just before bedtime, surfing the net while my husband fired up his Kindle.

At my age (57 and two-thirds) a couple of my physical attributes though still, according to experts, not too bad are not, shall we say, as perky as once they were. Unfettered in a pyjama top, they tend to droop a little.

Thus it was that Zebedee (not his real name) said it was time for bed and I closed down the computer and briskly shut the lid... on to a small but sensitive part of my upper anatomy.

Reader, it hurt.