New UFO spotted in Anglian skies

A NEW sighting of a UFO in East Anglian skies has emerged today.

A NEW sighting of a UFO in East Anglian skies has emerged today.

Just a week after lights and a spinning disc were spotted over St Edmundsbury Cathedral in Bury St Edmunds, an amateur photographer has come forward with the latest aerial mystery.

When Neal Herbert bought a new camera he tried a few night-time shots in Norwich - and found something he wasn't expecting.

“When I opened the files, I noticed that one had something which I would have to erase,” he said.

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On closer inspection he decided to enlarge that section of the image - and found something which caught his eye.

“I'm not sure what to make of the image and I certainly don't think I'm about to be abducted by little green men,” said Neal. “It could be a plane but could be something else.”

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Last June a couple spotted five round orange objects moving silently across the skies over Norwich.

At the time John Sayer, from the Norfolk UFO Society, said: “It seems the Norwich area is a hot spot for UFO activity - a lot aren't reported, but the city has one of the highest number of sightings.”

Mr Sayer had around six reports of sightings in the city during the autumn months last year.

Spotters of unidentified flying objects over Hellesdon saw a black triangular craft above Low Road on August 23.

The MOD reports at the end of 2006 state Norfolk had a similar sighting in Dereham on May 20 last year: “Orange lights were seen. They appeared to be in formation and travelling slowly.”

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